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Accidentally got some hair dye on my dogs feet

Accidentally got some hair dye on my dogs feet


Dog Grooming Tips


Bacterial Infections

Thankfully, apart from the strange, pink, tinge to her hair, she has

10 Common Paw Problems in Dogs

Food poisoning risk: Dogs don't just use their tongues to clean themselves,


Hot Spots in Dogs

Dog almost dies when her owner uses human hair dye on pet | Daily Mail Online

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Icterus in Dogs

Why Color Should My Dog's Gums Be?

Dog getting it's nails cut

paw pads

15 Things You Do That Are Unintentionally Breaking Your Dog's Heart

You must simultaneously stop your dog from licking his paws AND find a cure to relieve the itchiness.


Violet the 5lb Maltese mix after her previous owner tried to dye her purple using hair

Fungal Infections

This was the terrible state of little Soldier the Lhasa Apso when he was found in

Ticks are troublesome parasites that can cause a variety of problems for your pet. But spotting these tiny bloodsuckers in a dog's fur isn't always easy.

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The experts found that smaller dogs weren't more likely to roll

It ...

Skin Infections and Loss of Skin Color Disorders in Dogs

Mother hospitalised for three days after allergic reaction to hair dye almost killed her | Daily Mail Online

The disease was unknown in this country until November 2012, when reports started emerging of

Hair Follicle Tumors in Dogs

Dogs incur minor skin injuries all the time, especially the more adventurous breeds. This may occur from scraping against a rock or hard surface (abrasions) ...

brown hair dye on hands

Digital Squamous Cell Carcinoma in Dogs

Why is My Dog Scratching?

Skin Disease, Autoimmune (Pemphigus) in Dogs

Matted Dog

Getting Hair Dye Off Skin

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Sometimes the simplest treatment for hair loss and itching is switching out your dog's food. Make sure to provide quality foods full of specific nutrients ...

By Katherine Tolford

The elegant hare feet of the greyhound are responsible for the spring in their step. (Photo: Marianne Perdomo/Flickr)

What to Watch For


This puppy comes from an ancient line of dogs. Peruvian Inca Orchid dogs were owned by the Inca and their descendants, the Quechua. They are also c…


Pimples on dog's nose

The extent of the dog's injuries were not realized until her coat was shaved, revealing

Skin Cancer (Squamous Cell Carcinoma) in Dogs

Antifreeze Poisoning in Dogs

The animal's coat was so matted that its fur was coming away from his skin,

fly stare

Vets say it is early days, but they hope the dog is on the road

When the dog's owner died, he was left behind. Watch what happens next! Please share - YouTube

Dogs ...

Blue mixed-breed dog

Detergent Poisoning in Dogs

coconut oil hair treatment

Ticks on dogs control, prevention, disease and removal written next to close up of

Dog lying on a sofa

Flea dirt found on a dog at a Blue Cross Animal Hospital

He was originally used as a working dog to pull nets for fishermen and haul wood from the forest.


Insecticide Poisoning in Dogs

Boxers were originally bred to be medium-size guard dogs. Today, although they are a part of the AKC's Working Group, they mostly find homes as loving ...

Dogs are pretty interesting creatures, but they've got some weird habits. Here's what science says about a few of the strangest.

Boxers were originally bred to be medium-size guard dogs. Today, although they are a part of the AKC's Working Group, they mostly find homes as loving ...

Dewclaws, also known as a dog's thumb, refers to a vestigial digit found on the foot of most mammals, reptiles, and birds. It normally grows high on the ...

Reaction: A packet of Garnier Nutrisse Black which Mariade Kelly used before her allergic reaction

Zesty Paws, Probiotic Bites for Dogs, with Natural Digestive Enzymes, Pumpkin Flavor,

If your dog has a wounded leg use a sock to make a bandage so she

The mother-of-two suffered a severe reaction to L'Oreal Recital Preference

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Itchy Husky dog scratching head.

Dog licks lips - dangerous household items for dogs

The Catahoula dog breed has a striking appearance and a strong work ethic. He's a tough dog bred to work in swamps and forests and requires a leader who is ...

Grooming Your Dog After a Wash

Don't keep your dog confined to a crate or tied in the backyard.

How to wash your hair without shampoo. Been going strong for over 7 years now

Newfoundland with webbed paws

What To Do About Your Dog's Hair…Down There

Sweet and cuddly dog breed with a clownish personality, the Coton de Tulear is always ready for a good time. This smart little dog with the cottony coat ...

When Your Dog Injures the Tip of Its Tail: A Simple, Homemade Remedy | PetHelpful

12 Things You've Pulled Out Of Your Dog's Butt

12 Dog Breeds That Are Hard AF To Potty Train


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