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Anyone here have a traumatic birth experience How did you deal

Anyone here have a traumatic birth experience How did you deal


Severe birth trauma has left me terrified of having another child | Healthcare Professionals Network | The Guardian

Birth trauma is not just for women: the new dads suffering post-traumatic stress disorder

In spite of the physical and emotional demands of birth, it also prompts a sense of awe

From hair falling out to an awful lot of crying, here are 10 things they

Freebirthing: is giving birth without medical support safe? | Life and style | The Guardian

Learn how to have an amazing birth with the Mama Natural Birth Course

When someone says, "At least I have a healthy baby," how do you interpret she feels about her experience? Birth is a transformative experience, ...

'I can't forget the horror of my son's birth' | Leah McLaren | Life and style | The Guardian

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Does Birth Trauma Lead to Psychological Problems?

Leah McLaren standing and holding a wriggly eight-month-old Frank, both facing. 'I had ...

Postpartum Mood Disorders

Being Heard - Part of a series of support cards for mums and families who want to come to terms with an unexpected or unwanted birth experience.

Rachael's story: finally healing after traumatic birth, severe tearing, vaginal prolapse plus 3 failed repair surgeries.

Curious to know what it's really like to give birth without an epidural?

eggeegg/ShutterstockI ...

Mothers need better care to reduce post-traumatic stress after childbirth

Maxim Shemetov / Reuters

Noa Snir

How was your birth? Did it go to plan? Did you have a plan? Who helped you out the most? Let me know in the comments below!

Caroline Malatesta embraces her husband and lawyer after winning a $16 million lawsuit over a traumatic

Heal Your Birth Story: ...releasing the unexpected: Maureen Campion: 9781511910354: Amazon.com: Books

Women who have been raped often avoid antenatal health checks for fear of being reminded of

Monkey Business Images/ShutterstockThis is the experience of persistent intrusive thoughts and feelings about the event—and sometimes, they're unrelated but ...


What really happens to your vagina when you give birth

Get the facts on Vaginal Birth After Cesarean, or VBAC. See VBAC success rates

6 Tips for Surviving the Newborn Stage — Part 1 ...

You are not going to read about my traumatic birth experience with my son here. Because I had options to comfortably and safely bring my girls into the ...

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"After a rather traumatic birth experience with their first child, this couple's birth was


Childhood trauma is often overlooked, greatly misunderstood, and one of the most damaging things

What Mary Shelley's Frankenstein teaches us about the need for mothers

Eight-month-old Frank looking at the camera, open mouthed and wide-

Mother reveals what happens to your body after childbirth


And by about five past midnight Kit was born. "The staff at The Royal Surrey were so kind and supportive. I was so grateful, we are lucky to have the NHS."


Letting Go of Fear of Giving Birth

Have a Positive Birth! 3 Steps to Avoid Birth Trauma

'If You Hemorrhage, Don't Clean Up': Advice From Mothers Who Almost Died : NPR

KieferPix/ShutterstockThis is an intense experience of thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and physical sensations resulting from the traumatic event.

Giving birth and becoming a new mother is a rite of passage. It can be an empowering experience or one of ...

On ...

Healing the Trauma: Entering Motherhood with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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Getting the IV started was probably the most traumatic part for me because … needles. (Yet the epidural itself was no big deal? This makes zero sense, I ...

... various ways people attempt to cope with exposure to one or a series of traumatic events, it's important to recognize the ways that they may manifest, ...

You'll Never Get Those Moments Back Again

It is important to make a decision about whether or not you would like an epidural

A hand reaches toward a premature infant in an incubator

Donna Jackson Nakazawa

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Mother With Premature Baby. '

Being Heard - Part of a series of support cards for mums and families who want to come to terms with an unexpected or unwanted birth experience.

Midwife reveals 17 things that happen before, during and after childbirth - and tells it like it really is - Mirror Online

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Saying 'No' to Unwanted Birth Support People

Haters gonna hate, or more specifically, women who have had traumatic birth experiences love to share them with every pregnant lady they see. Do your best ...

It's good for women to suffer the pain of a natural birth, says senior midwife | Life and style | The Guardian

Questions to work through when processing birth trauma, good for doulas to discuss with clients

Women who used no pain meds reported the most satisfaction with their births

A growing number of women are using orgasms instead of drugs to "take the edge off" the pain of giving birth.

Stock Asso/ShutterstockAt work, you may find that your mind is wandering mid-conversation with someone, even though you're looking right at them.

Birth Reclaiming Ceremony – Could It Help You Heal?

Apparently new mums will thank you for bringing this

Evidence for Everyday Health Choices

How to deal with negative birth stories when you're planning a positive birth

Quote by author. Anger and high emotions are to be expected during the active and

Gaskin assisting a woman at the Farm, Jane Montanaro, during a delivery. Credit Elinor Carucci/Redux, for The New York Times

Image for Stay Calm and Labor On: 5 Secrets to Overcoming Birth Anxiety

Any woman can be affected by post-natal depression, although teenage mothers are particularly at risk. Each individual is different, and may experience ...

Recently it has become recognized that women who experienced a traumatic birth can develop post-

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Being constantly on the lookout for threats

If you think you, or a friend, may be suffering from postnatal depression we're here to help.

Buy the Gentle Potty Training Book

The stages of labor during childbirth adapted from the American Pregnancy Association website.

10 Best Childbirth Books To Read For A Better Birth Experience

"This dad was injured severely in an accident in Afghanistan just three months before the

I work in a children's hospital as an outpatient phlebotomist. Some traumatic experiences cannot be avoided. I'm sorry but I'll give you squeaky puppy for ...

I just had a baby. Why do I feel so down?