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Good to see a project that will help create a fully decentralized

Good to see a project that will help create a fully decentralized


LiveEdu will be the next-generation Lynda.com, fully decentralized using the blockchain and focused on learning through real project tutorials.

One of the reasons is that typically the produced mixing transaction will have to carry a signature by each of the participants (for example, see ...


Building a business requires people with different skills and qualifications. Sometimes small businesses or startups need people with special skill sets, ...

S-Recipes can change that, there will be many skilled chefs on SRecipes posting their own recipes which you can try and after all create your own and make ...

what is the purpose of the sphere here?

While we have discussed before (HERE) about how decentralized “Action Teams,” similar to Bank B above, allows us to organize more around our employees and ...

The courses below will help you unpack the ideas and better understand what the most important opportunities are in and around this new technology.

How Viable is the Project?


As I previously wrote about in my ICO Bubble post, blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and token sales are all the rage right now.

4) The Killer App for Crypto is NOT a Browser

iExec Announces Partnership With Video-Sharing Platform Flixxo To Create The Decentralized Youtube

FULLY DECENTRALIZED MARKETPLACE We have developed a state-of-the-art marketplace where you can securely and reliably buy and sell any items you wish.

Building Blockchain Projects: Building decentralized Blockchain applications with Ethereum and Solidity: Amazon.co.uk: Narayan Prusty: 9781787122147: Books

Decentralized & Distributed Databases Explained

Smart Valley decentralized project scoring platform: token buyers can submit requests starting April 11

Aware of all the challenges that a blockchain project has to face, the Nxt team started imagining and new way of tackling them and came out with Ardor.

OPUS : A BlockChain Based Decentralized Music Sharing Platform | Overview & Specifications

The Money Makers Club is now full. You can join the waiting list for new memberships here.

Best Decentralized Exchanges

OPUS: World's First Decentralized Music Streaming Platform Built On Ethereum & IPFS

Lighthouse is a decentralized crowdfunding app like @kickstarter, originally created by Mike Hearn. Below are some screenshots - projects can already be ...

Decentralized Identifiers - Creating the missing identity layer of the Internet

Technically it would create a fully decentralized, peer to peer, serverless node network to connect bandwidth and storage pools to websites looking for DDoS ...

Abstract 3D network in future


Decentralized Social Networks Sound Great. Too Bad They'll Never Work

A decentralized, trustless ICO pool: the ultimate solution for ICO investors

Bitsquare: The 'Missing Link' for Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange

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Projects Districts, the world's first fully decentralized virtual ecosystem designed to project real-world and ethereal experiences to users, is now making ...

“Our token will go to the moon!” isn't good enough anymore.

Effect.ai mechanical turk


Visit our website MedicoHealth.io and dont forget to stop by our Telegram as we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

OriginTrail Implementation Kit: Here Is How You Can Set Up Your Pilot Project

... 21.

Blockchain start-up Proemtheus building decentralized email for total user privacy

Create your own CRYPTO CURRENCY!

Uber, Airbnb, Facebook, Amazon—all of these services could be recreated on a decentralized stack of technologies like Ethereum, IPFS, and Golem. Fully ...

Here are the advantages Boon Tech you should know:

OPUS – Etherum & IPFS Decentralized Music Platform ICO Network?

Stage of decentralized exchanges

Blockchain based Decentralized Direct Democracy ...

The Best Cryptocurrencies for 2014 This system utilizes a cryptocurrency with the ticker symbol XRP.

Detailed Breakdown

Cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies are booming. The numbers speak for themselves — market capitalizations have gone through the roof, ...

This is good news for computer science majors around the world who will be able to find high-paying jobs in the cyber security industry when they join the ...

Fully decentralized exchanges

Summary. Project ...

While decentralization and tokenization provide a distinct value proposition, conceptually and financially, we may not be ready for a purely decentralized ...

The Lure of a Fully Decentralized Internet

Why Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Will Reinvent The Industry As We Know It

The Lure of a Fully Decentralized Internet

Use cases of Golem

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Consensus 2017

Decentralized Exchanges

The Money Makers Club is now full. You can join the waiting list for new memberships here.

In a first of its kind, half a dozen ICO companies have come together to collaborate on a new fund that plans to pay out more than $100 million to promising ...

Codius But: https://codius.org/blog/codius-one-year-later/ ...

cryptoprojects_may2018. cryptoprojects_may2018

Among blockchain related projects, the two biggest are most probably, on the one hand, projects that want to develop the crypto ecosystem (and improve our “ ...


TokenGen is a web application developed for individuals to use, that enables anyone to create smart contracts for tokens and crowdsales.


Decentralized Exchanges Will Be The Future of Cryptocurrency Trading

Decentralized Exchange Compendium 'Index' Lists Over 200 Dex Platforms

NEXT.exchange - Decentralized trading platform for cryptocurrencies and ICO tokensale

How would Gladius Perform this feat?

IP EXCHANGE; Project and ICO Review

Can blockchain decentralize the internet?

TON Platform As a multi-blockchain project, TON requires sophisticated network protocols — such as the TON P2P Network used to access the TON blockchains 6 ...

These types of applications are not owned by anyone, can't be shut down, and cannot have downtime.

People Blockchain Image

Why a decentralized intelligence may affect our future

Decentralized Lending Promises Easy And Global Access To Credit, But Is It Too Good To Be True?

Featured Project: Mainframe – Decentralized Messaging Protocol - Crush Crypto

Altcoins Blockchain Technology Trading


Around 100 central bankers and regulators from around the world came to the Federal Reserve (the organization that inadvertently caused the creation of ...

While it is still in preliminary stages, HorseCoin is an ambitious project looking to develop an open source and decentralized platform through which horse ...

Decred sets its sights on decentralization in its 2018 roadmap

This ...

Championing Decentralized Exchanges, Now Might be the Perfect Time for Bisq

Decentralization ...

TheMerkle IPFS Decentralized File Storage

You are great because you started something that you wanted to. Thwre are starters, finishers and people who can just build stuff inside out they only need ...

There are many problems which has deep roots in our Billion dollar Music Industry nowadays. As we can see, artists are leaving traditional means of music ...

Four Impressive Ethereum DApps You Can Use Right Now