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John Kelly to Scott Pruitt The Scandals Need to Stop

John Kelly to Scott Pruitt The Scandals Need to Stop


Photo: AP. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt ...

Pathetic John Kelly Begs Scott Pruitt To Cool It With The Scandals

John Kelly to Scott Pruitt: The Scandals Need to Stop

Scott Pruitt.

Andrew Harrer

donald trump scott pruitt

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly demanded Tuesday that Pruitt tell him if any more

John Kelly to EPA Chief Scott Pruitt: Just Stop it. You’

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt takes questions at the White House in Washington, June 2, 2017. Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

John Kelly killed Pruitt's climate science debate

Scott Pruitt, center. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Scott Pruitt's Rome Trip: More Tourism Than Official Biz

Scott Pruitt

John Kelly warned Trump last week to fire embattled Scott Pruitt — but the president continues to ignore him

Aaron P. Bernstein

EPA chief Scott Pruitt grilled by Senators over ethics scandals - Daily Mail

FILE-- Scott Pruitt, administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, speaks during a

Why John Kelly Wants Trump To Fire Scott Pruitt

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Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has been surrounded by controversy ever since he assumed his

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt testifying before the House Appropriations Committee last week. The administrator was grilled for alleged ethics violations, ...

Trump's One Skill: Substituting One Crisis for Another

'We Got Your Back': As Pruitt Drowns in Scandal, Trump and Kelly Rush to His Defense

Photo by Pete Marovich/Getty Images. Scott Pruitt is not like ...

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt standing at a podium.

12, 2018 photo, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt attends a meeting at the White House in Washington. Trump is offering his support ...

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt testified in two hearings on Capitol Hill on Thursday, where he was called to answer for his $43,000 phone booth and first ...

In this March 10, 2016 photo, Scott Pruitt, Oklahoma Attorney General, gestures

Scott Pruitt and President Donald Trump are pictured. | Getty Images

The Wall Street Journal on Friday shed more light on differing views in the White House concerning Scott Pruitt, who has recently faced scrutiny over a ...


Though Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator Scott Pruitt has been involved in scandal after

3 Top Officials Leave EPA Amid Scott Pruitt Scandals

main article image

Photo: Getty

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly 'blew up' at Trump

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee

Embattle EPA chief Scott Pruitt reportedly tried to use his motorcade's sirens and lights in Washington

John Kelly was right to kill EPA's 'red team' climate exercise

Scott Pruitt kept dodging ethics questions before Congress

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, shown here Tuesday, April 3, told

Scott Pruitt and Donald Trump

Scott Pruitt is pictured. | Getty Images

Scott Pruitt says he killed pay raises for staffers, didn't know about them

Pruitt speaking at CPAC in 2015. Scandals surrounding Pruitt have ...

Scott Pruitt talks at an event in New York City.

Two of Scott Pruitt's Top Aides Resign Amid Scrutiny

Trump is still clinging to Scott Pruitt even as John Kelly reportedly has told Trump to cut him loose

5 More Reasons Scott Pruitt Needs to Be Fired

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EPA inspector general opens new ethics reviews of Scott Pruitt's scandals

main article image

AP: Scott Pruitt Fighting For His Job In Meeting With President Donald Trump | Hardball | MSNBC

EPA administrator Scott Pruitt's Congressional hearings: 3 big takeaways - Vox

Photo: AP

Trump Offers Support To EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Amid Ethics Scandal | HuffPost

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt speaks in 2017 as President Trump looks on. Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty

Scott Pruitt's war on science: More dangerous than his corruption scandals | Salon.com

Scott Pruitt, EPA Administrator, spoke after President Trump made the statement that the United

Focus on Scott Pruitt's scandals ignores the biggest of all: Destruction of environmental safeguards | Salon.com

Former EPA Official: Scott Pruitt Is A Liar | All In | MSNBC

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John Oliver Takes on Scott Pruitt: “You've Got a Country to Ruin!” | Vanity Fair

Why are we talking about Scott Pruitt, Trump's embattled EPA chief? - CBS News

Scott Pruitt Wants to Add a Dozen More Bodyguards to His Already Oversized Security Detail

Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt are pictured. | AP Photo

Al Gore: Trump should fire Scott Pruitt

Steve Daines questions EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt

Carlos Curbelo Calls for EPA Chief Scott Pruitt to Resign


Trump's tournament of corruption: Mick Mulvaney and Scott Pruitt still in the lead | Salon.com

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt speaks with auto industry leaders following a news conference at on Tuesday. (Andrew Harnik/AP)

Myron Ebell Discusses Scott Pruitt and President Trump's EPA Agenda on CNN

Scott Pruitt speaking at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Washington, D.C.

EPA chief Scott Pruitt faces renewed pressure despite Trump's support | US news | The Guardian

If Scott Pruitt gets fired, he might be replaced by a former coal lobbyist. | The New Republic

Pruitt turned down White House help on congressional testimony: reports


Scott Pruitt at a press conference

Trump tells EPA chief Pruitt 'we've got your back' despite ethics controversy | US news | The Guardian

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Scott Pruitt takes questions about the Trump administration's withdrawal

John Kelly is pictured. |Getty Images

Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency Scott Pruitt stands after the swearing-in ceremony for

TIMELINE: Here's What People Have Said About Scott Pruitt's Future

We don't even want to think about who or what he mounted.