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Macgregor 19 towing question

Macgregor 19 towing question


Macgregor 19 Power Trailer Sailor Boat

It's got a roomy cabin and nice cockpit, and with the water ballast dumped is light enough to tow. PLUS It can take up to a 40hp outboard motor AND it has ...

Macgregor 19' powersailer



2005 MacGregor 26M - #5

2005 MacGregor 26M - #19

2004 MacGregor 26M - #19

2000 MacGregor 26x - #19

With the right trailer setup and a decent depth ramp, you can be launched or loaded in 20 minutes or less...I dryslip mine and can L+L single handed and not ...

Used Macgregor 26M Cruiser Sailboat For Sale 19 pictures

2002 MacGregor 26X - #1

2000 MacGregor 26 - #1

2007 MacGregor 26M - #3

MacGregor 26, opinions please ? [Archive] - Yachting and Boating World Forums

MacGregor 19

macgregor 19

I found the mast-raising system particularly attractive because the ability to raise and lower the mast with ease is one of my very important requirements ...

Macgregor 19 Power Trailer Sailor Boat

The boat .

1996 MacGregor 26X - #19



2007 MacGregor 26M - #21

2006 MacGregor 26M - #1

MACGREGOR M19 FOR SAIL 5.000 reduced!

2004 MacGregor 26M - #2

Image .

2005 MacGregor 26M - #19

2008 MacGregor 26M - #19

towing an inflatable backwards

Description: MacGregor 19 Power Trailer ...

2000 MacGregor 26 - #19

Macgregor 19 Power Trailer Sailor Boat

2004 MacGregor 26M - #5


2010 MacGregor 26M - #19

Re: Tandem Trailer

macgregor 19

So yeah, find the right boat/trailer, and you'll not notice it... I'd add that have a bit of overkill in your tow vehicle helps.

Image .

... Used Macgregor 26M Cruiser Sailboat For Sale

... Used Macgregor 26M Cruiser Sailboat For Sale ...


MacGregor 36' catamaran


But a MacGregor is a different kettle of fish, a MacGregor is a American design coming from a very different school of naval architecture.


macgregor 19

1998 MacGregor 26 - #1

MacGregor Yachts? They just created a whole new marketplace with a whole new boat, the MacGregor 19 powersailer.

Practicality of Trailering a sailboat [Sitemap] - Cruisers & Sailing Forums

... then came the salty looking cutter-rigged Venture of Newport 23, which is a completely different boat from any previous MacGregor or Venture offering.

Using the Socratic method of passing on information, here is the key question;


2002 MacGregor 26 - #19

Macgregor 26X

Description: MacGregor 19 Power Trailer ...

Macgregor 25 sailboat

MacGregor 26M

MacGregor Venture 17 Daysailer Sailboat and Traile

For Sale: Prelude 19 Sailing Yacht/Cruiser on Trailer - GBP 1,900 - YouTube

[SOLD] Used 2004 West Wight Potter 19 in Dunedin, Florida

MacGregor 26ft

... Used Macgregor 26M Cruiser Sailboat For Sale ...

macgregor 19

Sailboat capsize Nov 8 Providence River. Is it a MacGregor? - Page 4 - SailNet Community


[ IMG]

Coming up onto the bow roller.


Sometimes I tow it to Oak Hill, but that's a stretch. I would not use it to tow the Seacraft off the property, and it's only 19 ft.

Macgregor 26S Outside Mods page 32-a

2011 MacGregor 26M - #19

Huntington Beach, California 92648

West Wight Potter 15 Interior Cabin Tour. Sleeping in a Potter 15.

BEER Cruise 2011 -- towing my Catalina Capri 14.2

macgregor 26m tewater


2012 West Wight Potter 19

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I run a second tow line to it always just in case something happened with the main one as sometimes I'll go a ways without looking back at it and don't want ...

260-240resize 8-06.jpg

...with more readily viewable pix of her and one of her "mother ship," my Mac 26X and her faithful Durango V8 tow beast (which is what $1,500 will get you ...

Yes, you can ski behind a sailboat: theEDGE by Hunter


Mal's Haulage and Towing - logo

Custom-made stern rail seats for the MacGregor 26X. Description from dowsar.com

the practicalities of trailer sailing [Archive] - Yachting and Boating World Forums

sailboats | MacGregor Sailboat Trip (11).jpg

The boat and trailer weights are the same as in Example 1.