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Some questions about Sony PVMs

Some questions about Sony PVMs


iEsaUGC.jpg ...

Retro Gaming on a Sony Trinitron PVM Broadcasting Monitor.

Fix and after:

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More Sony PVM-9044QM

Play Super Street Fighter 2 in Sony PVM 1354Q

anyone in Helsinki in need of a PVM? I have one extra 2054QM for 50€, pickup only. sold!

Super Mario World, emulated on Snes9x using custom CRT distortian filter + snes9x scanline filter:

Friend made me a unit to house all my gear. Really pleased with the new set up.

My Current Retro Setup - PVM-20M4A and PVM-2054QM

Consolized Neo Geo MVS on Sony PVM 20M2MDE

Once again, this unit is rather small but the picture quality and picture speed make up for that. Although I'm happy that the OLED market is starting to ...

Sony PVM-20s1WA widescreen pro CRT

My Amiga and I exploring the Sony CRT PVM 9041QM




Sony PVM-14M2U

It's pretty good for 240p content with RGB scart input (as standard here in the UK) but the geometry is fucking wack, goddamn sony CRTs of the 2000 era are ...

It's pretty good for 240p content with RGB scart input (as standard here in the UK) but the geometry is fucking wack, goddamn sony CRTs of the 2000 era are ...

With the button NOT pressed, you can hear the monitor searching for sync ( some sort of switching sound from inside the cabinet can be heard).

BVM-20G1U Pickup. A few questions for seasoned BVM owners.

PVM Retro Gaming :: Sony PVM-9042QM :: Setup, Review and Demonstration

SONY PVM 2130QM تصليح وضبط شاشة

Finally found a Sony PVM - A surprise 20L5 with no hours!

/vr/ - Retro Games

Plus another 20" Sony with a whole slew of ports and others that are out of focus, so I have no clue what they are.

Ghost Pilots - Neo Geo AES - Sony PVM

Time Splitters 2 and Sony PVMs

I had also done a modification to my Sega Genesis by adding an s-video output. The video is crisp and clear and just looks brilliant on my Sony PVMs.

Right now I only have two test grid pics:

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One of these would be really cool to make. 8" stackable PVMs would make it very manageable.

Sony KV2900T PVM like TV

Sony PVM-9042QM - SNES connected using s-video

Classic Gaming on the Sony PVM 2530, Sony PVM 14N6U, and the dreadful N64 RGB - YouTube

Sony PVM-1944Q para jugar en casa

Sony Trinitron PVM, How To Setup For Retro Gaming.

Best CRT TV for old school systems.

I have a 14G5U and it is a great looking monitor. Shorter than the standard 14" PVMs/BVMs but much longer. The length of the monitor causes it to come in a ...

I have a shoebox for a bedroom, so I bought some new cabinets to help me enjoy my little collection.

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So pretty.


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Terminator BNC plug for Sony PVM BVM 75Ω ohm

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662KiB, 2214x1245 ...

Upscalers, CRTs, PVMs & RGB: Retro gaming done right!

Check out the BVM one of the guys got on AO.

The 20" definitely needs some Geometry adjustment as it is off centered atm. I will wait until I can hook my Mega Drive ...


At last I joined the CRT pro-grade monitor club! I'm now a proud owner of this Sony PVM 20M2-MDE, and it's a real feast for the eyes.

sony pvm for sale Canterbury More pictures

Sony PVM-20M2MDU/Tested!

Picked up my first Sony Trinitron tonight, have questions.

Looks like I'm also going to need to get some scart cables for my consoles now. It looks like I'll need Csync cables? Is that correct?

Does RGB scart.

More Monitors, JVC TM-A101G, PVM-1354Q, PVM-20N2U


Here are some pics: http://imgur.com/a/0obfK. I have not actually picked it up yet.

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Sony PVM20M7MDE YPbPr/480p Gamecube SSBM

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Upscalers, CRTs, PVMs & RGB: Retro gaming done right!

Sony PVM 20L5 Review

Sony BKM-220D SDI Input Board for LMD Series Professional Monitors (DEMO)

Here is a photo of mine.

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My setup: BVM 20F1E / PVM 20M4E ...

Compare my Sharp TV 29" (AV composite) with SONY PVM 20M4E (s-video from DC VGA Box)

Today's unexpected find: 20 inch Sony PVM. $250.

Need help getting Genesis 1 running on Sony PVM-20L2 ...