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Which skills will be undersupplied in the future of

Which skills will be undersupplied in the future of


Among London mid-skill occupations, the skills gap is greatest in caring personal services. Current demand (vacancies) and current supply (qualified ...

Process for modeling future skill-mix for dental care of older people

Alistair Cox (CEO, Hays PLC) has just appointed his first Head of Data Science and emphasised on the role of Big Data and Predictive Analytics in narrowing ...

Northern Ireland's talent pool has adapted well to transition, however, the economic impact of Brexit, in whatever form, will shape both supply and demand ...

... and future demand for mid-skill workers in Scotland is forecast to widen over the next six years. Future sub-degree entry-level vacancies vs current ...

Meanwhile, Neil Carberry (Director for Employment & Skills, CBI) discussed the prominent role universities and university-industry partnerships have to play ...

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Potential Undersupply

For more information, read futurist Bob Johansen's 'Leaders Make the Future: Ten New Leadership Skills for an Uncertain World'!

Future Roadmap. Going forward, some of the things that can ...


They have recently argued that there is a growing pressure in the skilled labour markets as the global economy recovers and companies are struggling to get ...

Download Report by Burning Glass Technologies, November 2015

Digital disruption: Embrace the future of work and your people will embrace it with you; 2.

... 5.

The digital future of work: What skills will be needed? | McKinsey & Company

Download Report by the Institute for the Future (IFTF), ...

Boosting entrepreneurship as a way to help students navigate the uncertain future of work

... of the workforce; 7.

The 2015 Northern Ireland Skills Barometer was intended as a model to gauge future skill needs and gaps by sector, subject area and level of qualification.

Research conducted by the UKCES (UK Commission for Employment and Skills) provides a prediction about jobs and skills that will be demanded in the future.

... Skills Barometer findings which indicate that, over the next 10 years, civil engineering will be second only to computer science in terms of undersupply ...

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Projected undersupply as a percentage of demand for a) 2005, b) 2008,

The rationale behind this product is similar to what I have discussed in this post. Some of the ideas I've discussed here like Skills tagging and skill ...

Projected undersupply in NHS WTEs by NHS WTE%, 2005–2028

... 23.

Skills Matching

Addressing productivity, progression and in-work poverty

Figure 3

3 What?

A low skills equilibrium

Skills and employability


Course Design Analysis - Design is at Heart

Projected undersupply in NHS WTEs by NHS WTE%, 2005–2028. Process for modeling future skill-mix ...

7 Why ...

The tables above show the age breakdown of Idaho's employed population and the average annual wage in 2013 by industry sector.

The tables above show the age breakdown of Idaho's employed population and the average annual wage in 2013 by industry sector.

... will have a negative net requirement, which indicates that the occupational sector is likely to shrink, which is why it is forecast to have zero demand ...

Top 10 'Soft Skills' That Boost a Sales Career

Skill needed to support IT growth

What was called “arithmetic” in grammar school, “math” in high school, and “statistics” in college is called “data analytics” in business.

Are Employers in Trinidad and Tobago just 'whining', or is the 'skills' problem real?

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How can the UK overcome a national skills shortage? Think local | Higher Education Network | The Guardian

Shared responsibility to develop future construction professional

Source: IPPR Scotland calculations using Office for National Statistics' 'Two-Quarter Labour Force Survey, various quarters' (ONS, 2015d)

More STEM study required to meet demands of the UK labour force

Sector contributions to total jobs growth in London (March 2010 – September 2015) and share of current employment (at December 2015)

Scotland performs poorly compared to the rest of the UK in the proportion of workers progressing from low-skill work. Average proportion (%) of workers ...

Data Matters Skills Gap


The quant crunch how the demand for data science skills is disrupting the job market

sign with words saying "Come in We're Hiring!" attached to the

Percent of Trinidad and Tobago Graduates Employed

Performance impact 15 ...

Why Digital Marketing Is Going To Be The Most In-Demand Skill Of 2017? | Digital Marketing

Demand and Supply for Middle-Skill Workforce



User research

Download Report by Universities UK, December 2015

... Escalators Disruptors 14; 15.

Projected undersupply as a percentage of demand for a) 2005, b) 2008,

top-digital-marketing-skills-forecast-2018. “

Report Skills gap Positions Skills Performance impact Organizational actions Available for download at https:/ ...

Jobs and skills in London

The difference is older workers are concentrated in education services instead of accommodations and food services, the fourth high-concentration sector for ...

Progression rates between quarters by region and by skill level progressed to, 2011–2015

Connecting talent with opportunity in the digital age

Note: ONS data through the Labour Force Survey does not hold sufficient sample size for Northern Ireland.

The digital future of work: What skills will be needed? | McKinsey & Company

17 What's ...

Download figure ...

Source: IPPR calculations using ONS 2014a, ONS 2015c and UKCES 2014. Notes: 'Other qualifications' are included in below-level-2 category.

Source: ONS 2015e

PROJ5125_Magazine_February_310117_Graphic2. Tackling this shortfall for technical skills could ...

Is Ontario facing a shortage of skills, or lack of investment? - The Globe and Mail

Skills shortage storm gathers for oil and gas industry - Viewpoint - careers advice blogViewpoint – careers advice blog

Harnessing automation for a future that works

Accenture Canada

... 7. Arguments for ...

PwC Implications for businesses 19 March 2016 International Women's Day Women who return to the labour

The economic and social impact of higher and further education.

Why Online Education Has a Great Future in China ?

Adult apprenticeship participation by region, 2014–15: number per 1,000 residents by qualification level (left) and proportion of workplaces offering ...

... 16.

A 'job for life' really is a thing of the past now and retention of 'Millennials' is a challenge the whole workforce is wrestling, according to Accenture ...