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Why do blacks have a strong oder

Why do blacks have a strong oder


Africans "STINK"!

It's not racist to say that black people smell bad, because they do have that particular smell. You wouldn't call me racist if I said that they smell good, ...


No amount of Right Guard can help white people

Chinese Says Black People Really STINK??

How White People vs Black People Smell | Jason Farone

Woman pinching her nose, smelly

Africans were slaves in the United States in the 1600's. The change from African Americans being slaves to the first black president was a slave but ...

Do White People Really Smell Like Wet Dogs? What Do Black People Smell Like?

I've had many women, their sexual partners and husbands complain to me that they or their significant others have a bad smell coming from their vaginas.

for some reason, people who usually use other hairstyles outside that are unusual to their

FILE PHOTO: An African trader sits on a bus in Guangzhou, China.


Or ...

“Black People Smell” – Shall We Take A Look At Exactly How Racist The Guptas Are?

The Black Man Grimaced At The Stench Stock Footage - Video of casual, male: 112232104

Trump To Blacks: You Suck, Your Lives Stink, Vote For Me! - Trumpelthinskin.com

Black people Stink they have a smell to them!! WTF

Jim Crow

Receiving hate and resistance for daring to think freely is no different for #Candice and #Kayne. #MAGA #tcot #GOPpic.twitter.com/LD3iNeQWMd

Second, who are “them” and why are “they” so bad? When I ask that question, everybody wants to shut up.

bad breath

Johnson & Johnson baby powder is arranged for a photograph in New York, on


Jamie Foxx - The Africa Smell

Not all racial differences are not so easily explained. For example, for reasons unknown, all races do not smell alike. Blacks and Whites have strong, ...

Lawsuit: Former Revlon scientist, Alan Meyers, 56, is suing the cosmetic company


body odors signal health problems

Ida B. Wells Wikimedia

What you shouldn't smell

Portrait of sad dissatisfied young African American woman having offended expression after fight with her husband

Indoor portrait of handsome African American guy pictured isolated on white background holding his nose trying

Should Your Vagina Smell Like That? Dr. Jackie Breaks Down Good Vs. Bad Odors - Essence.com

Scientists have learned more about why bacteria make some people's body odor

Bad smell and body odor. Picture of fastidious young woman pinching her nose disgusted with

Federal suit alleged that Sterling said that black people stink

... I can say that much of the bias against black people is based on curiosity and ignorance: people staring, taking photos of you with or without your ...

You're at risk for heart disease

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters


African man Guangzhou China

'Shocked:' Meyers claims that Delpani said he was 'shocked' more Jews

stanky people

3 Reasons Your Hair Smells Like ***

Man Smell Stink - csp0175894

How Did It Come To This: Slavery Systematically Destroyed The Black Family - WM Journal

Africans Versus African- Americans: Fact or Fiction?

But as all things happen it goes both ways:

young african american woman in green sportswear exercising abdominals in fitness club looking at camera.

OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS: Piri Weepu says he is feeling ''a bit stink''

You have a serious illness

Devyn Abdullah


I get asked that question and various riffs on it like “why do Asians hate black people?” and “why do Asians only stick with other Asians?” all the time.

A new study provides further evidence that a simple “smelling” test could predict Parkinson's disease even earlier than previously thought.

Bad hair day: Tresses under stress can give off an unpleasant odour

Female gesture smells bad. Portrait of woman wearing casually pinches nose with fingers hands looks

Black Man Shows That His Armpits Stink Stock Footage - Video of background, face: 112230666


Making the room stink up because you ate too much food is just not the way

Urine ...

White people smell like wet dog

Enough with stereotyping black people as monkeys!

Well let me give you one... its when you're people have been brainwashed with negative images of themselves for so long that looking White becomes the norm.

Grayhaired Mature Man

If you thought the smell was pleasingly strong to start with, you'll likely be impressed with the flavour of the fruity centre. I'm not quite thrilled with ...

18 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Body Odor1

Crumbling pipes, tainted water plague black communities | Center for Public Integrity

Why Does My Breath Smell Like Urine?

the stink of Hypocrisy is getting unbearable on Pennsylvania Avenue

Donald Trump and Reverend Darrell Scott, a black dude, possibly his friend.

... 16.

Cosatu's Solly Phetoe also said at the time that only white drivers, white massage therapists and white staff were allowed to deal with the guests.

Black People Stink


yall stink

The Most Offensive-Smelling Foods To Eat In The Office, Ranked

Flavor Flav-United States-wenn


Some studies have shown that humans can learn to track scents like canines. (Erik Reis / Alamy)

Married to Medicine Dr. Jackie

Disgusted African American male feels aversion towards something, frowns face, gestures with hands,

Markell Williams, 11, has been hospitalized five times this year for seizures, which his mother believes are linked to a chemical spill near his hometown of ...

Kendra Wilkinson-United States-WENN

You might be making coworkers, clients, and friends sick if the eau de "