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Why does my dog sit on my feet or stand

Why does my dog sit on my feet or stand


That's the #mostadorablebeagle ever! Her name is Rose. Well actually, that's only part of her name.

This brown poodle has been showing up on social media feeds this week. Millions have

but more subtly and organically engaged in his situation (both dogs have their paws up, if you look closely between the right dog's hindquarters):


Brown dog sits on a lady's lap sitting on the floor.

And she is true to her name. Though she's so much more than her name. She melts my heart

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This dog's environment, its energy, its attitude, its eyes, its posture, its lifted paw all tell something about the same story and accompanies the dog as a ...

Stationing themselves at the foot of the bed allows dogs to be what they want to be for their family — the first line of defense if a situation develops.

tail on her

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An RCA Nipper figure.this one is ceramic and stands about a foot tall.if I ever get my hands on one (ceramic or fiberglass), I'll definitely be prowling ...

Bulldog laying down. Many dogs can " ...

Louie's baby sister is allready 7 weeks of age and will be joining her pack next week! Louie is gonna have to stand his ...

But not all do that. My old, sweet, alpha here sleeps wherever she damn well pleases.

world's biggest dog

The experts found that smaller dogs weren't more likely to roll


malinois and rottweiler. A dog standing ...

But recently, Freddy is only interested in cuddling with his family and basking in the glory of his Guinness World Records title.

Have More Questions? Ready to give your dogs a recess? Contact Us Today!

In the bed or not in the bed - that is the question. While some of the other answers are cute I'm not sure they address your primary concern - that allowing ...

Hilarious pictures of the giant dogs that tower over their owners


The 'pointing' — a dog becoming motionless with his snout towards an object — is normally associated with dogs who are bred and trained for hunting.

This dog's environment, its energy, its attitude, its eyes, its posture, its lifted paw all tell something about the same story and accompanies ...

Why does my dog sit on my feet or stand between my legs?

Our dog is conscientious about his role as the greeter and screener of visitors. I think he sleeps with us because of protective instincts and he's likely ...

dog paw

10. Born to be Pampered. Pomeranians love having all of the ...

Merlin, after being run over by a car in the street, on a Sunday morning on our way to mass, was so badly injured, he could not even lift his head, ...

Behavior of the Breed. Certain dog breeds are ...

If your dog constantly follows you around the house, it could just be a feeling

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My feet and M's, as I stand in the doorway, and two of the indefatigable and enthusiastic helpers (hinderers). You may recognize Shelby, but Junior, ...

Training dog and yourself

This is however *not* how adult dogs sleep, as a rule. Just like kids eventually have to learn to sleep in their own beds, dogs also learn independence as ...

If you are concerned about swelling, examine the toes. If they are parallel the

On a United flight from Denver to Newark this past weekend there were plenty of elites sitting back in coach who were jealous of this cat.

#1: Giving You Puppy-Dog Eyes

14451706156_fc15ff7ec6_c Is your dog ...

If it was nerve damage, they could do surgery for $5000( five thousand), and still not guarantee that my dog ...

#6: Sensing When You're Sad

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Regina Lizik

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Melina Giakas

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Time for her own bed? By: danebrian

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A pets plea

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Image titled 01 Have your dog stand or sit in front of you. Step 01

Some feet are naturally wide without being swollen. Look at your dog every day so

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World's biggest dog. The massive ...

If your dog is too hot or too cold, he may be digging around his bed to help regulate his body temperature. By: dsix

#7: Licking Your Face Or Feet

Potential Health Benefits. sploot. credit: Cuteness. When dogs lay with their ...

My daughter's just over a year old, so there's really not much she's doing "wrong" yet. (Trust me, like all of us, she'll get there.) If she smacks our ...

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The Kangaroo Pose. german shepherd sleeping

Checkers and Snickers

Learn about the ...

(I was actually quite a successful quarterback at one time, always sending my team long for a score right into the hot dog stand).

big dog sitting next to woman on sofa

If your dog has long hair and you are not able to examine the paw for

dog attention seeking

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dog, kayaking, pooch, paddling, how-to-kayak-dog

Image titled Teach a Dog to Track Step 4

Your Dog's Wagging Tail Might Mean They're Mad At You

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The leaves have grown to their fullest on the tree that stands tall behind the white fence in our tiny back yard.

Your dog likes sleeping with you at night.

Brandon Rhoads. Discover Editor (aka the ...

Puppy Hoping to Be 'World's Biggest' Is 9 Months Old, 6 Feet Tall and 180 Lbs.

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Frito feet!

“We were on a cruise in Juneau when we got the report,” says the client sitting across from me. “The surgeon had to open his intestines in three places and ...