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Bgl file editor

Bgl file editor


The second photo is the ksbd.bgl file. And the third photo is the ksbd.ade file. Sorry about uploading like this I could not figure out how to attach.

Duly warned ...


Last night, I opened my edited .bgl file from September, and attempted to get rid of the auto gen trees on the apron and the grass runways by using ...

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Step 3 - Move the BGL File Into FS

I am thinking that the file (Paris.bgl) should be in the "Addon Scenery\scenery" folder as well? What am I missing?

By and by a new file icon will appear in the folder. It will have the same file name as your XML source file but will have a bgl extension.

1) Everything looks perfect before I save the file as BGL.

The second photo is the ksbd.bgl file. And the third photo is the ksbd.ade file. Sorry about uploading like this I could not figure out how to attach.

I reload the .bgl file into AS and the same into IS3. When looking at objects available, I get this.

ModelConverterX Tutorial

Because if you are, this is what my vegetation polygon from Annotator looks like on the MSE BGL file.

How to get FSX terrain from BGL file into Blender

Example, I added in Library manager the Newyork.bgl file, to I import a Cargo hangar called "jfk cargo 1c".

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2) When I open the saved BGL file, it looks like this.

You only need to compile the CVX bgl and place that in the same scenery folder the Orbx airport is located in.

this file does not contain an airport.jpg


I used LibraryMaker.exe to navigate to a placement .bgl I made, I use the "OBX" suffix to identify placement .bgl's. I attempted to open this placement .bgl


Here is the image (http://i41.tinypic.com/8vrpeq.jpg)

AFCAD Editor

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Opening XML File for Editing



... FSX/Addon Scenery/St_Hyacinthe/texture folder (top)and the FSX/Addon Scenery/St_Hyacinthe/scenery folder (bottom). All the .bgl's associated with CSU3 ...

I again forgot to save my new (October) changes as an .ad2 file, and went straight to .bgl compilation. The new .bgl overwrote the one from September.



I've now loaded it but what it tell me about my boundary bgl?

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It may be possible to open the original bgl in either Afcad2 or AFX.

The highlighted area is the base area around Hawaii, which is the dem data that was loaded into the tool. This file is dem0003.bgl in the scenery\0003 ...

Diagram of Process

Click image for larger version. Name: FSX Scenery_SAME & Global.jpg Views:

2. Look at the upper right. The line "Library" has the name: autogen.bgl. This is the library BGL file that you need to open in ModelConverterX (MCX).

BGL (babylon glossary) to GLS (babylon glossary source). [Archive] - RCE Messageboard's Regroupment




KDFW Ground Texture.jpg

Hopefully you will now have a BGL file in the same folder as the rest of the files. That should now be copied into an active scenery folder.

The most interesting case is the Hex-string is "FE 00 0E" which is translated by MS compilers the same way as other "UNKNOWN" surfaces (to CONCRETE) but if ...


... but there is no fantasy DC-3 there (which would fill up most of the screen). Furthermore, IS reports that this Orlando_Locked.bgl file ...

Thank for your help if you have one solution

Now click the Add MDL Objects button and add your new MDL file. You can include many buildings for the same logical area (i.e. around one airport) in this ...

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Compile Settings.jpg

This is one object even though that object contains several buildings. To exclude the object, all of the buildings, one would need to draw the exclusion ...



Steven D


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... I was given to understand only compiled collections of model objects as model libraries. I used LibraryMaker.exe to navigate to a placement .bgl I made, ...

... ASM Editor < < <====================

Airport Design Editor (ADE)

Whenever I try to compile the airport containing custom ground poly's, I get an error saying "File ...

To zoom in on a particular area of the world, first just click the mouse on the area of interest, then press the Numpad + key to zoom in (or Numpad ...

Click save and repeat the process until all your library bgl files are converted.

If you loaded SP2 off the Internet and do not have Acceleration you will not have the 5 bgl's that start with FSXP_ and you will not have all the enhanced ...

Now you're probably wondering, how do I know what value to change it to or what to look for in the hex editor. If you select any other FSDS_object and check ...

Attachment 129393

MDLTweaker-II Tutorial


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Next go to the start window.

No problem here:

Death Valley at QMID level 4

This opens the Edit Sting box now all you need to do is paste the path that we copied a few minute ago into this box.

AI Flight Planner's Main Panel

BGL decompilers

Once it is highlighted copy this address.

Then, ensure all scenery BGL files are placed in Scenery sub-folders – paired with a Texture folder if necessary

What this will do is split the Airport bgl into multiple bgl's that eliminates the buffer overflow. The following picture shows the list of bgl's that ADE ...

===================>>>Download ...


Here is the process:

Screenshot of Tansonnhat Airport.

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2) When I open the saved BGL file, it looks like this.

Next we are going to get FSDS to bring your BGL and MDL files directly to this scenery folder so that you do not need to copy and paste them.

Click image for larger version. Name: 7-06.jpg Views: 253

ModelConverterX - Scene Builder Wizard

A typical raw MDL/3D file you will find online – note: most are already in bgl format

"Try to stay in the middle of the air. Do not go near the edges of it. The edges of the air can be recognized by the appearance of ground, buildings, sea, ...

У меня обе настройки идентичны, но вы можете указать другую папку для готовых BGL-ок, если отметите To Specific Folder и укажите другой путь.

Death Valley at QMID level 2