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Dansguardian replacement

Dansguardian replacement


It's possible to update the information on DansGuardian or report it as discontinued, duplicated or spam.

DansGuardian is a powerful web content, URL and PICS filtering application that can be used by all. It can be used for restricting children from accessing ...

Content Filtering With DansGuardian | Proxy Server | Search Engine Optimization

[3], Try to access to the URL you set as prohibited domains in [1].

... dansguardian-fr

Bookcover of PacketProtector

For HTTP Proxy, enter the IP of your dansguardian server and port 8080 [or 3216 if only using squid]. If your dansguardian (or even squid) service is ...

If you look the picture you see first layer is dansguardian:

Remember to edit your regexp URL filters because the default ones will surely block some nice part of your harmless favourite pages.

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... taken the time to completely rewrite a new and superior update script for use with our blacklists and DansGuardian, and we have replaced the old script ...

So after some hours of struggling I decided to give squidGuard up and switch further. Dansguardian is a more advanced and complex filter system anyway.

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Work ...

In order to make this dish look more refined, garnish with a Konqueror Desktop link to the DansGuardian module of Webmin by using this URL:

Browser Proxy Settings



6 of the best content filters for Linux: DansGuardian and Gnome Nanny | TechRadar


Under the new "Connection Settings" window, select "Manual proxy configuration."

Dansguardian flow chart

... EFG configuration


1. Norton Family


31 Adsterra Network Alternatives


OpenWRT - site and content filtering #1 tinyproxy and dansguardian

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Zentyal dashboard component list, advanced mode

PCMech Blocked

Click the services tab. In this view, we should be defaulted to “Running Services” which is the handiest page in the admin section.

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... redirect_children 4; 40.


Figure 2. Setting Global Proxy Options in GNOME

The main screen.

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Figure 1 shows the dialog for setting up Firefox to use our example proxy.

Safe Eyes is an internet filter application for Mac and PC. This parental control application enables the parents to filter websites, videos, and music.

Pluckeye is a free to use internet content filter. Pluckeye is specially designed for self-control while searching the internet. It automatically blocks the ...

I. I had another squid/dansguardian proxy that was set up to pass though HTTPS traffic and. ACCEPT loc fw tcp www ACCEPT.

Well that title was a mouthful. This article is all about my attempt at traffic shaping/modification; how I hacked together a transparent web proxy that ...

Figure 1. How Web Proxies Work


... the dynamic DNS service which is free so that I can connect from work to my box at home. So, back to updating the system. After you register, click on ...


Let's explore some of the files to be configured in DansGuardian to achieve content blocking:

K9 Web Protection is a free application for personal use that enables users to filter internet content and restrict children access to internet in order to ...

How To Update Blacklists For DansGuardian – Update Script

Bookcover of DansGuardian

Fig.01: Squid in action



Privoxy Filter Rules

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Then click on the Add Exception button. Select Confirm Security Exception. After the exception is added, it is a permanent listing that does not occur again ...

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... and configuring ClarkConnect boxes for small businesses. Point Clark Networks is doing a great job helping small businesses have the functionality they ...

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GitHub - androda/ecapguardian: Fork of e2guardian, re-designed to work in conjunction with a Squid Proxy eCAP adapter for greater simplicity

Discrete efficient hardware platform for the implemented solution.

Drop all the contents of bigblacklist.tar.gz inside the /etc/dansguardian/blacklists directory. Remember, you will need to either purchase a subscription ...

Figure 2. Web Proxy Architecture

Download full-size image

Squid-cache_logo clam Dansguardian squidguard_logo

A website being blocked.

... 12.

Do remember that you have to restart the services, after any edit of a DansGuardian file, in order for the changes to take effect.

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5.1) Replace the DNS using OPENDNS DNS Server and "Use Gateway" is your wan address. 5.2) Uncheck the "allow DNS server list to be overridden by ...

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ntopng Architecture and Components

... tabs to show you just what you can control using the web interface. Click on the “Network” tab. ClarkConnect can operate in gateway mode (which is ' ...

Slack Mini Server 1.4.2 Features the DansGuardian Filter

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From the Installed Offers view, choose the "Remove" symbol from the far right of the site. This will release the package set up schedule, which will show ...



Using nProbe with ntopng

Intercepting HTTPS Traffic Using the Squid Proxy Service in pfSense | TurboFuture


[11], Select an installation type as follows. On this example, select "Use All Space" and check a box "Review and modify partitioning layout" to configure ...

Windows XP/Vista/7 proxy settings

... 25.