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Erowid flakka

Erowid flakka



... 17. MDMA - erowid ...

Meet the Flakka, aka the drug that gives you "super-human strength" like bath salts last year & weed before that.


... MDPV (“Flakka,” “Bath Salts,” sometimes sold as “Molly,” but is not MDMA)

Psychoactive Chemicals are chemicals which have mind- or emotion-altering properties. These chemicals range from the common to the extremely uncommon and ...

etizolam_tablet__i2013e0036_disp Etizolam tablets Erowid Center

Erowid CenterA fentanyl ampule

Erowid Center on Twitter: "Synthetic cathinone Alpha-pvp (#flakka) gets more media coverage in Florida. http://t.co/r6Sn1Shmnk http://t.co/yg8fviw6yo"


Alpha-PVP (EcstasyData)


“99 ...

NBOMe Results. NBOMes respond differently than LSD to field reagents


5 things to know about flakka

Alpha-PVP (EcstasyData)

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Sample of LSD dropped on blotter tested with Ehrlich reagent turns purple.

Alpha-PVP, a powerful stimulant nicknamed Flakka, is shown after being seized by

Alpha-pyrrolidinovalerophenone – also known as α-PVP, alpha-PVP, gravel, flakka or niff – is one of a number of recreational drugs in the 'bath salts' (or ...


A flakka user tries to enter a locked police station in Fort Lauderdale. (Image

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What Is The Drug Called Z?

Erowid Crew Blog

The original GC/MS results for these samples (#5776 and #5779) did not reveal fentanyl. After writing about the problems associated with non-homogeneous ...

Erowid et al

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Liquid Flakka is also made available for vaporizer pens or e-cigarettes. Vaping makes the effects of Flakka worst for the user.


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Would like to know if these immunoassay fentanyl tests actually work.' While the first GC/MS analysis did not detect fentanyl (even though a lot of the ...

Erowid Plants Vaults : Images : datura stramonium flower


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B. caapi vine, photo taken from Erowid.org

Erowid codeine to hydrocodone




Erowid Center on Twitter: "Alpha-PVP ("#flakka") gets more media attention. It's a stimulant, not evil. http://t.co/OY7he5MxvO http://t.co/1QRj0X3CAO"

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A-PVP Big Crystals

Xenolinguistics, by Diana Reed Slattery (2015)


Xenolinguistics, by Diana Reed Slattery (2015)

Crystal-Chunk APVP

A complete guide to flakka, the horrible street drug terrorizing South Florida : Drugs

Fatal Flakka Being Hidden in Children's Candy

Bath salts01

Erowid Plants Vaults : Images : passiflora x belotii

Channeling Your DXM Personality

You must be truly desperate. (Robaxin methocarbamol) Drugs

Alpha-PVP Structure

Designer Drug Flakka Overdoses in South East

Weekly Dose: ephylone, the dangerous designer stimulant found at Groovin the Moo

Dopey119: Expressing Sammy's Anal Glands, 3 Cars Crashed in One Day, Puking Donuts, Shooting Cocaine, Fentanyl, Dave's Dad

Is Flakka Really Gone?

Top Purity 4-EMC Crystal CAS NO.1225622-14-9 4EMC Erowid


Carl Hart (Image: Columbia University)

... New street drug "Flakka" prompts warning from ...

lldipapp | Dreamstime.com

a-PVP,α-PVP,alpha-PVP CAS 14530-33-

How Govt Fear Campaigns and Prohibition of Bath Salts, Flakka, and Other Synthetics Is Only Going to Cost More Lives | Alternet

Reagent TestingWhite ...

Welcome to Chicas Prepago Panama


dancesafe chart

bath salts

79 GHB

Risks from high dose MDMA tablets are explicitly acknowledged through social media marketing methods, such as Global Drug Survey and Mixmag's public health ...

First Flakka "Zombie" Appears in Egypt and Bites 3 Victims!

flakkadrug Image Gallery molly drug wiki

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New synthetic drugs

Ephylone producers similar effects to MDMA but is much stronger. bbernard/Shutterstock


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Sakae Naa - Erowid Exp - 'Not a Kratom Substitute'

... Haskell is more of a potent psychedelic drug than a programming language" - anon. thoughts? #Haskell #erowid http://pic.twitter.com/KkIJqCJ0Ua "

Dopey134: Cocaine in Amsterdam, 12-Step Promises, New House, New Baby