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Iraq agriculture statistics

Iraq agriculture statistics


Iraq Agricultural Land Distribution

Iraq Grain Charts

Iraq Wheat & Barley Maps

... Figure 6), Iraq's ...

6/24/2014 9 ...


Iraq Winter Rainfall

Iraq Economic Data (1989-2003)

Foreign Debt

The ...

Iraq Economic Data (1989-2003)

Iraq's GDP during the Period 1960–2012

اللجنة الاقتصادية والاجتماعية لغربي آسيا ESCWA-Sectoral Statistics Team-Water Statistics-Vienna 2005


How much money goes to fighting and funding ISIS, in two charts

As in the rest of the world, aquaculture's contribution to the Middle East's total production has grown. This trend is stronger in the Middle East than in ...

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اللجنة الاقتصادية والاجتماعية لغربي آسيا ESCWA-Sectoral Statistics Team-Water Statistics-Vienna 2005

Map: Northern Iraq's oil infrastructure


The most seriously affected countries, in regards to metric tons of losses, include Iran, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

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Iraq: Economic Activity

Iraq Map

Japan to support livelihoods, food production and resilience of conflict-affected farmers in Iraq

Iraq Rural and Agricultural Knowledge Exchange Network (IRAKEN)

Infographic about Statistics of War on Yemen


In collaboration with the Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture, FAO aimed at creating jobs in the rural areas in the middle and south of Iraq and support food ...

Iraq Rural and Agricultural Knowledge Exchange Network

Latest statistics show Iraq was Islamic Republic's sixth steel export destination during the eight months to

A tattered Islamic State banner hangs at the entrance to Qayyarah, Iraq, in August. (Susannah George/Associated Press)

2: A Map of Iraq and Location of the study. Source:

Socio-Economic Considerations of Salinity: Descriptive Statistics of the Iraq Sampled Farms

One ...

Current situation of Agricultural Information in Iraq

6/24/2014 1 Status, priorities and needs for sustainable soil management in ...

Agricultural Statistics Directorate accomplished its report on poultry farms in Iraq for 2011. The results had extracted from poultry farms survey of ...

Restoring Iraq's Agricultural Sector:

Iranian Statistics Life Expectancy 70 years old

Displacement and Disappearances


The CBI Department of Research and Statistics provided statistics on Iraq's Balance of Payments, which are summarized ...

The Poultry Industry in Iraq*

... Transport; 4. So the agricultural ...

A fishing boat on the Euphrates River, southern Iraq. Photo: Aziz1005 / Wikimedia

Once world's bread basket, Iraq now a farming basket case | McClatchy Washington Bureau

Current Situation of Agricultural Information in Iraq

An Iraqi corn broker walks through his supply while preparing it to be shipped to retail

Download figure ...

To shed more light on agriculture and environment statistics situation in Kurdistan region, president of KRSO received country representative of FAO in Iraq ...

Data collected and published in the Arab Agricultural Statistics Yearbook 2014 is the latest data available and the combined group of countries have

Iraq Irrigation Chart

Middle East ::IRAQ


Once world's bread basket, Iraq now a farming basket case | McClatchy Washington Bureau

Average Agriculture Share of Total Credit (2011-2015)

Iraq at a glance

Technical Note

6 Project Outputs Institutional ...

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water quality in Iraq Groundwater quality


17 IRAKEN Backend

0 Iraq's Integrated Drought Risk Management Framework The Validation Workshop, Amman, Jordan March 2nd ...

Yields of wheat, barley, rice, and maize in Iraq, 1960/61

5. But the agricultural ...

Advanced Survey of Hydrogeological Resources in Iraq - Phase II - EU funded project

Land 06 00044 g001 550

Status of Soil Information in Iraq prof.dr. Ahmad S. Muhaimeed soil Survey ...

Iraq - Land Utilization ...

Figure 4. Bar chart showing total cu ltivated area in hectares per period by use

After Iraq War, Monsanto, Cargill & Dow Chemical Took Over Iraqi Agriculture

Statistical Methods in Agriculture and Experimental Biology, Third Edition

Iraq conflict – FAO's livelihoods support for farmers and herders

Iraq: Age breakdown

Agricultural ...

... 40.

Figure 3 | Effect of water scarcity on livestock in Iraq (WWAP 2012).

Henry Kissinger's Food Occupation Of Iraq Continues To Destroy The Fertile Crescent

Agricultural Sector Soil resource Water resources ...

map of Iraq; source: WR

Crops and plants[edit]

... Exports Imports; 15.

BAGHDAD — In the aftermath of the Iraq War, Iraq's seed and agriculture industry was destroyed by U.S. corporations, with the aid of the U.S. government.

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A U.S. Army soldier shares a bag of sunflower seeds with a fellow soldier, as

A U.S. Army soldier walks passed a seed vendor in Sadr City in Baghdad, Iraq

Associate Professor (Since October 1992):; 4.