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Jenkinsfile pipeline example

Jenkinsfile pipeline example


17. 17 Pipeline Example ...

4. blue ocean pipeline logs

... 25. 25 Full Example Parameterized Build pipeline ...

Jenkins job output

... 23.


... github.com/jenkinsci/pipeline-examples; 32.

Continuous Delivery Pipelines mit Jenkins 2

13. label : Execute the Pipeline ...

How to use Jenkinsfiles to build Docker images - The DevOps Clinic

35. 35 Pipeline Configuration ...

... 10.

Each stage has one or multiple steps; 18. RADIOLOGY WORKFLOW SOLUTIONS Pipeline ...

40 Blue Ocean • Tailored to the pipeline plugins ...

... Jenkinsfile github.com/jenkinsci/pipeline-examples; 33.

50 Spring Cloud Pipelines - Jenkinsfile & Blue Ocean ...

1. jenkins-overview

Jenkins Pipeline Video Tutorial

Jenkins Pipeline Workflow; 39. Example Jenkinsfile ...


Use Jenkins to set up Continuous Delivery Pipeline

Test results from our Jenkinsfile

3. blue ocean overview

1. pipeline

Pipeline ...

... 72.

Then, the following should be possible in Jenkinsfile :


Jenkins Pipeline @ Scale Building Automation Frameworks for Systems Integration CloudBees | Jenkins Automotive and Embedde ...

Jenkins Blue Ocean UI

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Jenkins Minute - Using a Dockerfile with Jenkins Pipeline

Jenkins : How to Write Jenkinsfile (Pipeline As Code) Part 1

The Jenkins slave image is a custom one which is especially build for our purposes but you can also use a open one from dockerhub.

The Idea: Reference Pipeline


Multi Branch Pipeline Job using Jenkins | Tech Primers

Declarative Pipeline With Jenkins

Under Manage Jenkins > Global Tool Configuration enter image description here

In this example we're executing the Acceptance Tests (AT) at the same time as running the build reports and deploying our project to our QA/integration test ...

Zero to CD on GCP

Jenkins World 2017: Codifying the Build and Release Process with a Jenkins Pipeline Shared Library

Visual Pipeline Creation in Blue Ocean

enter image description here

Build Job

Devops : Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial1

View of successful Jenkins

Here is our simple pipeline script with the stage to read our ecosystem.json file. Note that this script also requires the Pipeline: Groovy Plugin, ...

Some highlights in our new pipeline code:

I have a commit on a ready branch, with an updated Jenkinsfile. It is different from the one on master.

Jenkins Blue Ocean UI

Jenkins Pipeline as Code, CI/CD Of Docker based applications

project-examples/jenkins-pipeline-examples at master · JFrogDev/project-

Flowchart of the delivery pipeline

Jenkins UI

For every change pushed to the repository, the parent project will trigger a build for the subproject related to the modified branch.

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Continuous Delivery: Pipeline As Code With Jenkins

View of successful Jenkins

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Curso Jenkins - 04 - Introduccion a Jenkinsfile y declarative pipeline

Branch Stage View

Terraform within Jenkins Pipeline via Git push Webhook

Configuration of Maven tools in Jenkins

A complete Jenkins pipeline with Docker agents (slaves) tutorial [1/14]

... Jenkinsfile syntax highlight

The great thing about pipeline code is that global properties and local variables are used in the same fashion. In the example pipeline stage code above, ...

4:43 PM - 5 Sep 2017

An example Declarative Pipeline Jenkinsfile for Feb 15 2017 demo · GitHub

Multibranch Pipeline and Github Organization


Configuring a job in Jenkins

How to configure a Jenkins Pipeline for SonarQube scan

In this blog we introduced global properties and shared libraries in Jenkins. These features promote reuse and long-term maintainability. If many pipeline ...

Installation Wizard

These simple string name/value pairs can help a great deal with reuse and maintainability. In the case of a recent project, we used Sonatype Nexus ...

Jenkins CI CD Pipeline Job AWS Ansible Credentials

enter image description here

enter image description here

Finally, we set the location of the Jenkinsfile (https://git-codecommit.us-east-1.amazonaws.com/v1/repos/demo-app-cdelivery):

enter image description here


OpenShift Build Pipeline - Part 02 - Building Artifacts (Maven, Docker Images) ...

Let's Trigger the Pipeline Execution

We now have a new pipeline! The next thing to do is kick it off and see it in action:

2.12. Build Strategy¶

Here is our simple pipeline script with the stage to read our ecosystem.json file. Note that this script also requires the Pipeline: Groovy Plugin, ...

... we will need to specify the repository parameters for the job and the path of the file containing the pipeline definition inside the repository itself.

Jenkins Blue Ocean UI

Inside the snippet generator there are a number of “steps” to choose from. From the information I had already gathered, I just selected the properties step ...

Branch Stage View