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Lump under incision after surgery dog

Lump under incision after surgery dog


The lump is fairly soft and is not under the skin, but under the muscle tissue. It causes her no pain whatsoever and she does not lick the site.

Diary of a Real-Life Veterinarian


Hello everyone! so Furby got spayed a week ago & theres a pretty big lump under the incision. Is this normal? Will it go away?

dog spay incision lump

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Lump at incision site of recent spay- normal? pictures-dscf6418.jpg

A wiggly girl is somewhat difficult to assess with just your hands. Every time I touched her belly she got tense. When palpating we use our fingers to " ...

spay incision


lump near spay incision

Dog skin incision

infected spay incision

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Bolo had had a lump in the skin folds of his neck for a few months. At first we thought it was just a skin tag. Then it got bigger.

Hello everyone! so Furby got spayed a week ago & theres a pretty big lump under the incision. Is this normal? Will it go away?

Hi. I had my 7 month old kitten Nora spayed last Tuesday. She was prescribed 6 mgs of Onsior for three days following the procedure for pain management.

Hello, my 6 month old kitten got spayed on Monday (March 27) and yesterday, we went to the clinic to get a check-up. The doctor said she had already healed ...

[ IMG]

Breast tumour surgery in an old dog

German Shepherd 13 Days after Spay GASTROPEXY dog The magic number full healing is 14 Days!

post spaying lump - is this normal??

(Above is a photo from the day after surgery)

Fig. 1: Cutaneous mast cell tumor (circle) over the dorsal thoracic area in a spaniel. (note Figs 3-7 are the same dog as in this picture)


Dog with tumor on chest

Labrador lump

Small Dog Pain Reactions

Hernia in Dogs

Suspicious abdominal incision 5 days after surgery in a dog. The abrupt change in the

My 2.5 lb, 8mo chihuahua was spayed on Wednesday. I noticed an abrasion near her incision. Is it normal? Is the incision looking normal?

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Just 2 weeks after surgery, the incision scar is barely felt and short-stubby

For cosmetic purpose, your doctor may remove the lump using surgical incision or by using local anesthesia. It resembles like wax like paste on the skin ...

lump on dog

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Diary of a Real-Life Veterinarian: Seroma, The Pocket of Fluid to Keep Quiet

Umbilical Hernia in Dogs

Follow the vet's directions for post-surgical care, and inspect the incision twice a day for any signs of infection; if they appear, ...

A close-up picture of the cat spaying procedure site.

As ...

Seroma, The Pocket of Fluid to Keep Quiet

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Incisions - Spay Neuter Charlotte

I ...

Hello everyone! so Furby got spayed a week ago & theres a pretty big lump under the incision. Is this normal? Will it go away?


Dr. Marie replied: neuter incision

cat pic 1.jpg

Post spaying wound healing - advice please..? [Archive] - Horse and Hound Forums

Bonnie's lump

Dog Lumps After Surgery

Dog Lipoma Surgery Cost

Your dog ...

Encourage your dog to sleep a lot after surgery.


Owner Kathryn Holtkamp originally tried to bandage it, but after my advice, left it open. Because the incision looked infected, on my advice she put the rat ...


Canine incision after removal. Surgery was delayed for months

Wyatt's ...

Mammary exam cat. Treatment ...

In dogs, a single skin incision is made just in front of the scrotum and each testicle is removed individually through that incision (pictured to the left).

Gently lay the flat of your palm on her abdomen near the incision, then slide it closer to gauge temperature. The area closer to the incision should not ...

Lipomas ...

Toa Payoh Vets · After spay. Lhasa Apso. Uterine walls thickens and starts to bleed. Toa Payoh

dog wearing belly band for spay incision protection

lump under dog's eye

Signs and Diagnosis

photo of canine tradtiional spay incision

Mast Cell Tumors in Dogs and Cats

3 Months Later—Lump on Snout

Warts on dogs lip

Unfortunately, the lipoma on her other side, also under the muscle, is continuing to grow. I noticed after a long walk yesterday, that her elbow is hitting ...

Cyst on cat head

Dry Dog Lips: The Causes Of Dry Lips In Dogs & How To Naturally Heal The.

Ace. 6 month old cryptorchid feline. This is Ace.

This image shows the abdominal wall muscles of a cat undergoing a post-mortem.

Lymphadenitis in Dogs

Bleeding Under the Skin in Dogs

lump beneath dog's eye

Fatty Tumors – Lipomas

Skin Tumors in Dogs


View of Trixie on her left side, with the lump sticking 3-4 inches

This rat had a large mammary tumor removed and the incision was closed with Michel wound clips.