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Opengl obj loader example

Opengl obj loader example


Opaque texture - TooL v0.2.4

[c++/OpenGL] .obj Loader

Shark model - Tool v0.1

FBX Loader_2 openGL C++

Octopus model - Tool v0.1.2

Transparent texture - TooL v0.2.4

OBJ Loader Opengl C++

obj loader visual cpp opengl - for 3D printing

Load a 3D Obj model with the min3D framework for Android

OpenGL (SDL,C++) tutorial 8 - Simple wavefront (.obj) model loader (part 1)


obj loader in C++ and OpenGL

Reading a wavefront .obj file with PyOpenGL

3D model loader tutorial OBJ loader + FBX , Visual C++ Directx & OpenGl - YouTube

3D Model Loading Basic Loader Tutorial, .obj mesh & textures C++ openGL - YouTube

Sample Image - StLViewer.jpg

but i can not add normal mapping in obj file , it's keyword is "map bump" or just "bump" in mtl file. is there some one can give me some advice?

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3D .obj Model Loader w/ OpenGL & CGAL

Modern OpenGL programming in Python - part 17 - loading obj files

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OpenGL (SDL,C++) tutorial 12 - obj file loader, material and UV textures (part 1) - YouTube

OBJ loader/parser

Modern OpenGL 3.0+ [MODEL LOADING] Tutorial 16 - Assimp Model Class and Loading A Model

... This is the basic application template with the source code to load Alias Wavefront .OBJ models as well as the model material properties.



fill mode


enter image description here

Right click and drag using the mouse to rotate the model.

[OpenGL] Obj Parsing Robot Run Motion

I'm learning OpenGL for a class, and I'm working on a basic texture loader. We were provided a sample ...

3D OpenGL / C++ Examples 05 | Linking OpenGL, GLEW, GLFW and GLM

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For exporting goto file->export->wavefront(.obj) option. Give name "cube" and choose the directory where you want to export it.

An example skybox texture.


ModelViewer with two OBJ models

FIG. 2. You can superimpose a wireframe on a flat-rendered mesh, using a second rendering loop with the line option.

OpenGL SuperBible Depth-of-Field Example

But my 3D object looks like this:

Fig.1 Dolphin represented with triangular mesh

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3DS Loader Test


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OpenGL Examples

line mode

enter image description here

The simple example, extended by a texture loader. The image is loaded with OpenCV, which supports a variety of different image formats (bmp, png, ...

OpenGL without external libraries - AutoIt Example Scripts - AutoIt Forums



A very basic example of a fragment shader performing gamma mapping on a 2D image. The actual shader is only two lines of code!

enter image description here

OpenGL Example: Diabetic Bird

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OpenGL ES v2.0 example written in delphi / pascal

The code sample for importing and displaying 3D models with Assimp, using modern OpenGL, has been updated to cover Assimp 3.0.

1 OBJ file sample.

thick wireframe


CalcGraph Example (video)

chalet.obj ...

With this file, one can read in the model information and reconstruct it in the OpenGL program. In order to do this I created a few classes that would store ...

Games often precompute ambient occlusion (AO) or other static lighting and bake out the results into vertex or texture data that is loaded into OpenGL or ...

... export OBJ files. So, in my favorite 3d modeling program (the opensource and free one) Blender, I'll create a classic platonic solid, the isodecahedron, ...

11 Typical MTL File Ns: shininess OBJ [0,1000]  OpenGL [0,128]

A textured quad at an angle.

OpenGL without external libraries - AutoIt Example Scripts - AutoIt Forums

A rendering of a teapot with lighting and environment mapping.

Image Image

World Editor

Modern OpenGL tutorial 3D model .obj loader/parser with C++ and GLM | Code in code::blocks

enter image description here

Spheres with the same wireframe, that have flat and smooth shading applied

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OpenGL (SDL,C++) tutorial 12 - obj file loader, material and UV