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Sonoff gpio pins

Sonoff gpio pins


Sonoff Basic. Basic GPIOs

Sonoff TH. TH GPIOs

... GPIO 14 - Below GND PIN

Please email me if you want to swap notes

GPIO 03 - RX PIN ...

The TX pin in the header doesn't seem to be working (I have two 5v models), so I had to connect the programmer to the pins of the PSA board.

I've soldered 4 header pins, so that I can easily connect and disconnect wire cables to my Sonoff device.


... GPIO 14 - Below GND PIN



After you soldered the wire, make sure to glue the wire to the PCB. Hot glue works fine. This keeps the wire in place and doesn't snap when routing the wire ...


Sonoff WiFi Wireless Smart Switch for Smart Home

Sonoff POW - Inside back view

Sonoff 4CH Pro[7]


sonoff-electrodragon-board-comparison1s ...

What's new?


Even better, TASMOTA has an option to support an external switch instead of an external button. The difference is that with a button, you want the output to ...


... orange DUAL GPIOs

Sonoff SV mode.jpg

Adding RF to a non-RF ITEAD Sonoff

... /dżogstaff/2017.09.28-sonoff-red-led.3.thumbnail

Sonoff Switch PCB underside photo

I conected Sonoff to Cayenne. [image] Solder pins to Sonoff. [image

Pins on the SonOFF


How to add an I2C interface to a Sonoff WiFi Smart Switch. The Sonoff brand

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... to the programming pins. Then I just soldered the 3.3 Volt, GND, the two I2C wires to the connector. Everything you need to connect a module using I2C.

Sonoff Dual

Sonoff board



And then I got to something very confusing, because it just would not work.

JPG 0_1499616030203_Capture3.JPG

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Hacking the SONOFF RF

... Sonoff range, we will have to solder a connector on the circuit. Start by opening the module (note, there is no warranty cancellation label, ...

Sonoff Basic

Note that in the case of the Sonoff Basic, the pins are marked and the 5th pin is an unused GPIO pin (GPIO14) which remains unused in normal application.


Important: The button is linked with GPIO-0. So you need to hold it during booting up to be able to flash something.

Sonoff DUAL - Inside back view

Sonoff POW - Inside back view


These very cheap modules come with their special smartphone app but are all actually based on the famous ESP8266. It didn't take long till the tinkerer ...

Sonoff th wifi switch wiring.jpg



Luke C

The relays in the Sonoff Dual

Let's have a look onto programming header pinout. First pin which is near the 3V3 printed on PCB, is VCC followed by RX, TX and GND.

TH10 / TH16 weitere GPIO zugänglich machen

Sonoff Touch led mod

We can solder Male Headers to these pins; either by our self or seek some help from some road side Radio / Repair shop. sonoff-ttl


... flashed the sonoff basic and touch using dupont wires, with no soldering. Even for the gpio0 of the touch, I could stick the dupont wire in the small ...

IMG_20161009_145132.jpg1566x2088 865 KB


This way I can break out both GPIO pins (via a built in 2.5mm 4 pole audio jack) and use one for the status light (like I was previously) and the other ...

Sonoff Slampher V2.0 Overview

[Jack] fixed his, and documented the procedure. He starts off by soldering a female header to the board so that he can upload his own firmware.

5d961d8e1d8658d8f910a20cc71e527c2574d9ec.jpg1305x979 ...

PINs of Sonoff S20

Red: 3V3, Yellow: RX, Orange: TX, Black: GND

PCB for Itead Sonoff TH10

(And I use custom shapes for connector that I can't trace it to gpio pins but to other parts on the board)

Sonoff CH4

There are 5 pins available on a break-out header but there's nothing attached to them. In order from closest to the pushbutton to furthest you have

You need to connect the Sonoff exactly like the picture above. It is important that you do it this way, otherwise you will connect the N (neutral/blue) line ...

Sonoff th-old.jpg


Relais schakelen d.m.v. http:// /control?cmd=GPIO, ,x (waarbij x=0 of 1) D.m.v. I2C barometer en OLED display aangesloten.

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Sonoff TH (sku:437931)

antenna and gpio0

Sonoff Low Voltage

http://static.tweakers.net/ext/f/qBMHeJ ... u/full.jpg

If you use a sensor that can work with 3.3V, this makes life a bit easier as you can just use the 3.3V, GND and GPIO14 header pins you soldered on already ...

Raspberry Pi 1

... director Sonoff5

Insert pin headers and solder it.

Remove the sensor-panel from the relay.


IOT DIY Home Automation with Alexa | 3 way switch Part 1| Tutorial # 6

Sonoff with original Flash

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Beim Anlöten musst du nur darauf achten das die Stiftleisten nicht auf der falschen Seite angelötet werden. Die Leisten werden da wo die Bezeichnung GND und ...

IMG_20170526_132740.jpg2685x2993 ...