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What is the best homebuilt aircraft for a first time

What is the best homebuilt aircraft for a first time


There are few things in life that compare with successfully building and test flying your own homebuilt aircraft. I discovered this after completing my ...

Originally the plane was designed for gear that could be manually retracted folding backwords into the wings, the KR-2T came with Fixed gear.

Since the completion of my Mustang II, the EAA selected a picture of my Mustang II in flight to mount as a full-sized poster for display in the EAA Welcome ...

ultralight aircraft plans | Hummel Bird aircraft plans, Hummel Bird experimental, amateur built .


Canada's first homebuilt aircraft, Stitts SA-3A Playboy CF-RAD, first flown

DIY Airplane: What's Behind Your Homemade Wings

The worldwide cult of the T-6.

Mustang II

As construction of your project nears its end and you start thinking seriously about your first flight, there are some important things to consider.

Popular Homebuilt Aircraft

Since its introduction in 1984, the Zodiac CH601 series has become very popular with first-time builders and low-time pilots. The ZODIAC XL is the newest ...

A composite construction Cirrus VK-30, one of the largest homebuilt aircraft of its time.

Every now and then, a homebuilt shows up that is an outstanding expression of the design itself and the person who put it in the air. Meet first-time ...


The Questair Venture set new standards for speed in kit-built aircraft design

The idea of someone who builds an airplane in his spare time for fun at home has always attracted me. To get a grasp of what was homebuilding aircrafts ...

Air Camper

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Pilot Hank Cheng Chor-hang lands the first Rv8 B-KOO at Hong Kong International Airport. Photo: Edward Wong. Hong Kong's first ever homebuilt aircraft ...

Understanding Experimental Light Sport Aircraft

Van's Aircraft kitplanes, Boeing doesn't plan to change the Dreamliner for Emirates, NASA is looking for astronauts, the first customer-built SubSonex jet ...

Light Sport Aircraft Kits | challenger quicksilver ultralight sport plane light sport aircraft .

EMG-5 ultralight electric experimental aircraft

During their first year of business, Zenair was awarded the Best New Design Award at Oshkosh, for the CH-200. The next year, the company won the National ...


The Belite claims the mantle of a Part 103-legal “real” airplane.

This ...

Scaled completes first flight of new experimental aircraft

First time I've seen a Piper M600 in the wild!

Building an airplane from a kit or plans is a sizable project that's bound to take months—and more likely years—to complete. But some folks want even more ...

As noted above, John Black registered his Skyline Cruiser on 13/2/04 and it first flew at Te Kowhai. Ownership changed to E Bruce Gordon of Marton on ...

Jack Northrop's N-1M “Jeep” flew for the first time in 1940. Its design, built for speed and efficiency, helped inspire the B-2 stealth bomber.

A good backcountry airplane gets even better.

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My good friend and longtime building buddy, Ed Zaleski, and I have been looking for something to do; it's been eight years since we finished our last ...

There is no doubt about it—no two Experimental airplanes are ever alike. In the certified aircraft world, you can be assured that one Cherokee flies much ...

How to get from the dollar store to the runway

Mark Langford's KR2S

After an estimated 2500 hours of build time, Bob Noll completed his kit plane in February with help from his daughter Katrina. At this year's AirVenture the ...

Homebuilt airplanes

This 1958 Baby Ace, "Bits & Pieces", is believed to be the oldest homebuilt flying in Canada. I expect it to be the first single-seat airplane I'll ever fly ...


Four-seat homebuilt crosses the Atlantic to show its stuff.

The hoped-for result: first flight in a completed project (an event that should be approached with great joy and caution). Here, a builder takes his Kitfox ...

Congratulation to Sam and Rose Hodges from Dawson Springs, KY SNF Best Auto Engine Homebuilt 2016. First time attending SnF!

Corby Starlet CJ1

... van der Voort's Corvair powered Air Camper at the Southwestern Regional EAA Fly In. His NX15KV won the Tony Bingelis Memorial Award for Best of Show ...

When your mission is to “go fast, fly high,” the airplane at the head of the list is the Velocity TXL-5 turbo.

Hank Cheng waves to the guests after the successful inaugural flight.

Thirty-five years ago this month, the first two-seat aircraft to bear the RV moniker took flight. The RV-4 was more than just a stretched RV-3, ...

The Prescott Pusher, not one of the best experimental airplanes ever designed.

1974 Baby Ace

World's Largest Plane Fires Up Its Six Engines For The First Time

Vans RV-8 homebuilt airplane

Not all E-AB airplanes fly as beautifully as the Van's RV-7.

The Nord 500 Cadet was an experimental aircraft developed by the French company Nord in the

This Plane Is Slick as a Sports Car, Portable as a Jet Ski

KITPLANES The Independent Voice for Homebuilt Aviation - Hummel H5 - KITPLANES Article | Homebuilt and Experimental Aviation | Pinterest | Aviation and ...

2014 Kevin flies his new Q200 for the first time

"Pietenpol Air Camper" is a simple parasol wing homebuilt aircraft designed by Bernard H. The first prototype that became the Air Camper was built and flown ...

Paul Allen Built the World's Largest Plane to Fling Satellites Into Space | WIRED

The ...

Our directory lists 138 kits with trigear, 149 with a tailwheel like this RANS S-7, and 52 that can be built either way. Defining What's New

Flying wing, a heavy bomber prototype with jet engines, takes to the air for the first time in 1947

First time standing on its own legs.

... the hobby take is purchasing top shelf items when good, budget items would better serve the needs of someone just trying the hobby for the first time.

Congratulations to Tom Jeschke of DePere, Wisconsin, who's AeroVee Powered, Standard Gear Sonex (S/N 541) flew for the first time on November 3.

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Man's Attempt To Fly Home Made Plane Flops Again

Record-Setting Electric Airplane Breaks 200-MPH Barrier for First Time

Lazair ultralight aircraft, Lazair experimental aircraft, Lazair experimental light sport aircraft (ELSA)

experimental aircraft | MySky experimental aircraft pictures, MySky amateur built aircraft .

Understanding Experimental Light Sport Aircraft

Synergy Aircraft exists to commercialize new technologies for modern personal aircraft. Our first smartplane, Synergy Prime, is a beautiful new taste of a ...

I started with some high-speed taxiing, made one intended liftoff, and was ready to go. I pushed in full power, raised the nose a smidge at 40 mph and ...

DIY Airplane: What's Behind Your Homemade Wings

That's because electric planes are a steeper challenge than electric cars

Hong Kong's first homebuilt and registered aircraft successfully takes off from HKIA

Airborne 10.23.17: First A330neo, NavWorx Closed, Evolution Aircraft Problems

Vans RV-10A

KR Supper 2

Some experimental aircraft begin as homebuilt inventions to test new designs, such as Fred Weick's

Cathay Pacific management and the “Inspiration” team. (Fourth left from the back

Popular Homebuilt Aircraft