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Where is 9 oclock located on a breast

Where is 9 oclock located on a breast


12 O'clock ...

3/3/08 Right-side mastectomy with immediate muscle-sparing free tram; 3/9/08 Developed abdominal MRSA staph infection and hernia;Completed 4 months ...

-Rt lateral breast and Lt medial breast are 9 o'clock




Breast cancer percenatge prevalence by quadrant

Below is what a BONE SCAN image looks like. A bone scan is a nuclear medicine imaging test that uses bone-seeking radioactive materials or tracers ...

Image of the left lactating breast at position 12 o'clock prior to a breastfeed

21 ...

4; 5.

Radial pattern of breast ultrasound imaging

FIGURE 27-2 (A), Radial and antiradial scanning planes. (B), Annotation uses clock face technique. (C), Annotation of location of breast lesion.



Pedigree of the family with germline BRCA2: 6503delTT mutation. All individuals affected with cancer

... injections; 45.

Figure 2-1 Breast history form. Includes a diagrammatic breast template and places to record the patient's history and current problems or complaints.


Clock face description of breast lesion locations. The clock face location of breast findings is described by imaging a clock on both the left and the right ...

Diagrammatic representation of breast structures v

11; 12.

Images 9-12: Normal images in the o'clock position after appropriate scouting

FIGURE 7 Ultrasound of the right breast at 5 o'clock: This lesion was identified using the MRI as a roadmap and was not recognized prospectively.

... sagittal, and axial bCT images of the right breast from July 2010 demonstrate an irregular enhancing mass at the 9 o'clock position (invasive ductal ...

DH Pathology: Breast lesion 5 o'clock: Invasive mucinous carcinoma

Images 5-8: Normal images in the o'clock position after appropriate scouting

Indeed if we compare the two reports, we know that 3 years ago the largest cyst was already 2.9 cm. Perhaps this one has gown bigger.

FIGURE 1 Ultrasound of the patient's original lesion, in the right breast at 9 o'clock, shows a complex, solid, and partially cystic mass.

Appendix A.

A lobular, hypovascular mass suggesting degenerative fibroadenoma in the right breast at 9 o'

GM PE: Right breast: Left breast: Within normal limits

31 DH ...

55: Focused left breast US showed a macrolobulated heterogeneous isoechoic 1.8 cm mass at 3-4 o'clock position 5 cm the nipple

59 Mrs. ...

At conventional US, an 19-mm breast lesion at 6 o'clock position of the left breast appears to be predominately cystic, round in shape, ...

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62-year-old woman with nonpalpable 9-mm invasive ductal carcinoma only seen. "

Abbreviations: SBE, self-breast examination; CBE, clinical breast examination; CT, computerized tomography; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging; PET, ...


An orthogonal sonomammographic scan of the right breast at first presentation showing a poorly circumscribed,

33; 34.

FIGURE 2 Left lateral breast ultrasound, performed to search for invasive components within suspected extensive DCIS, identified five discrete masses, ...

Spot magnification views from the 3 largest bilateral breast masses (top: craniocaudal views and bottom: mediolateral views). The 3 masses are located in ...

1 Breast Conference 9/7/2011

D. IDC (include Tubular Ca) - About 80% of all breast cancers. Begin in the ducts but invade fatty tissue of the breast and have potential to mets in to the ...

LP 60 AAF presenting with a left breast mass

... 5.

A: Spot tangential view done at the site of a “lump” described by the patient in her right breast. Oval, mixed-density or fat containing mass with ...

FIGURE 5 Enhanced, subtracted axial breast MRI shows a second indeterminate finding in the right lateral breast at 9 o'clock: an 8-mm mass with washout.

Breast-Biopsy Specimen.

9. A vertical strip pattern is most effective for systematic palpation of the breast. (Hindle WH: Breast Care, p 46. New York, Springer-Verlag, 1999; ...

Breast Self-Examination as Prevention to Breast Cancer


54: Specimen radiograph of the left breast 11-12 o'clock mass demonstrates pleomorphic calcifications. References: Diagnostic Radiology, St. Francis ...


Table 1. Laboratory Data.

At my request, my SO took a picture of my 2.5 cm cancerous tumor, below (2.5 cm + 1 margin left + 1 margin right = 4.5 cm total).

USG Case 48: Fibroadenoma Breast

Figure 1 (a–c) A 28-year-old women lactating for 9 months presented with right breast lump. (a) Bilateral mammogram (craniocaudal and mediolateral oblique ...

16: Right breast US showed a 1.2cm lobulated hypoechoic circumscribed mass at 3 o'clock with no detectable internal vascularity

42-year-old woman with idiopathic granulomatous mastitis. Antiradial right breast subareolar ultrasound

Figure 7.


Symptoms of Breast Cancer | The Silver Pen

42-year-old woman with palpable masses found on breast self-examination. (a) Digital mammogram of the right breast, CC projection. (b) Digital mammogram of ...

PET-Guided Breast Biopsy: A Case Study

Radial pattern of breast ultrasound scanning technique

25; 26.

CS MMG/UTZ (9/1/2010) Core Bx (9/

Figure 2-2 Normal breast anatomy and correlative mammograms. A, Schematic of a normal breast showing the nipple, ducts, and acini containing glands that ...


Breast Exam Documentation

The breast is examined in an overlapping raster pa

Figure 6 (A-C): (A) Bilateral screening breast ultrasound showing a round, heterogenous mass with mixed solid and cystic components and irregular margins.

Coding Breast Mass becomes more specific in 2018

Download high-res image (196KB) ...

Figure 2: A 39-year-old woman presented with focal left lateral breast pain. (a and b) Magnified views in the ML projection and CC projection showing ...

15: Right breast US showed a 1.2cm lobulated hypoechoic circumscribed mass at 3 o'clock with no detectable internal vascularity

Prebiopsy craniocaudal mammogram demonstrates a 1-


Different locations of a same retroareolar lesion depending on the breast imager.


10.2 Ultrasound demonstrates a mass in the 9-o'clock position of the right breast. Image guided breast biopsy is indicated for this suspicious finding.

Imaging Studies of the Left Breast, Obtained at the Time of the Initial Presentation.

Breast ultrasound scan A-transverse section, B-longitudinal section, C-doppler

FIGURE 9 PEM scan images [MLO (A) and CC (B, next page)] show heterogeneous FDG uptake within the 6-o'clock IDC. The small, adjacent FDG-avid nodule is seen ...

Not all breast lumps are created equal

21. Left breast ILC.

Table 1. Rate of Technical Success in Identifying a Hot Spot, According to Surgeon, before Incision.

Figure 1 H&E 2x ...

FIGURE 8 Targeted right breast second-look ultrasound at 9 o'clock showed a very subtle correlate. A, A lobular, minimally hypoechoic focus seemed to ...


Case 10214 – Right Iris 26; 27.